Friday, November 26, 2010


The turkey is only a memory-although there will be a couple of sandwiches made today from leftovers. Everything was great-down to the home made pumpkin pie and real whipped cream. My oh my! What a feast.

But more important were the conversations throughout the day with family and friends. That's what I'm thankful for-most of all.

I was able to do a little knitting on a Christmas present and got my next stitchery project laid out. Three days off should give me plenty of time for some of those tasks that just keep falling to the bottom of my list. I'd really like to get a Christmas quilt-that I made LAST year-ready to take to the machine quilter. Maybe this year I'll have a new red and green quilt to snuggle under.

What's on your list to finish up before the holidays?

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