Thursday, December 30, 2010

Embroidery Guild Exhibit

As part of the Christmas holiday, I went to see an exhibit by the Embroiders' Guild of America. The exhibit is on tour and was in Green Bay at the Neville Public Museum. Our little sister, Jo, and a good friend, Jane, went with me for a day of fun and lunch. The word for the exhibit was WOW.

I think I took about 30 pictures. We were able to get up close to the pieces and, as long as we didn't use flash or touch things, we were free to take as many pictures as we wanted. The craft and artistry was amazing. I'll be sharing some of my favorite pieces for the next month or so. Everything from hardanger, to needlepoint, to beads, and metal were on display. Just wonderful and so inspiring.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Treats

I've had a glorious 4 days off getting ready for the holidays. We had a big Christmas decorating party at Jeanne's, complete with appetizers and sparkling punch to sip. I must admit that my cookies won't win any decorating prizes (I belong to the "pile on the frosting and pour on the sprinkles" school) but they sure are good! I think there are only 2 left...out of 2 dozen.

My knitting needles are still clicking away as I have about 3 inches left on the second sock for my grand-daughter. The yarn is delightful-a hot pink, turq, and neon green blend that she will love. (I hope!) Today I made the obligatory trip down the toy aisles at Wal-Mart. Man, I didn't know there were that many pepto-bismol pink toys being manufactured in the world.

But I'm sharing a picture of the Christmas treat that our Mom made. She found old glasses all year at various locations, polished them up, and filled each one with a delightful Cranberry Jello Salad. She'll be handing them out to her neighbors this week with Christmas greetings.

Don't they look great? Wish I could have one delivered this Friday-just in time for Santa.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I have been doing my version of Christmas shopping this week and what fun. There are a few cute little specialty shoppes (note the special spelling!) downtown Oshkosh and I hit them all. I love that moment when you first push the door open and see all kinds of sparkly things. The only thing better, I think, is walking into a new quilt store and being amazed at all the pretties.

This year I am looking for little things that can all go into one bag for my girl friends and sisters. So far, I've been having fun and been pretty sucessful. This weekend it is time to focus on the grandkids.

What is your favorite way to attack Christmas shopping? What is the best thing I can find for two sewing buddies??? Anyone, anyone???

Sunday, December 12, 2010


We are officially snowed in here in WI. The snowstorm that is hitting the entire MidWest has covered us with about 8 inches of snow and 25 mph winds. It is a true white out at times but we are all snug in the house. Everyone in my family has been accounted for-lots of folks are decorating trees this weekend, baking cookies, and generally snuggling in while it blows. Luckily, it's the weekend and everyone made it home from work safely or doesn't have to leave the house for a day or so.

I've done some reading, knitting, and spent an hour in my sewing room trying to find something. Sigh-I thought I was pretty organized but not yet. Maybe I should spend a little time down there before FOOTBALL????

The only regret for the weekend is the postponement of a Cookie Decorating Gathering at Jeanne's house this afternoon. She spent yesterday baking 20 dozen cookies-yes, she gets the prize for the most cookies. (I also heard she made a Strawberry Pie for us!) I, on the other hand, accepted the offer of a best friend to pick up a couple dozen pre-made cookies for me. What an offer!

Hope you are safe and sound this weekend, enjoying family and working on something crafty.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Got up this morning and the temperature was 11 degrees F! I was so grateful for the three quilts on my bed. Yes, three! I know I should probably get the electric blanket out but I just can't resist my quilts. And, when I use the electric blanket, I don't need that many quilts. But I love my quilts.

Right now I have a queen size postage stamp quilt on it as the main coverlet. This quilt represents my absolute passion to make postage stamp quilts. I have made 6 of them (yes, I can be a bit addicted). I hve kept 2 of them and gifted the others. They are favorites. This one has a log cabin diamond in the center-also made of postage stamps. Then I hand quilted it in cross-hatching. I love this quilt! Second is my log cabin Christmas quilt in bright reds and greens. (Did I say I also love log cabin blocks???) It is so bright that I just have to smile when I get it out. Very scrappy with a piano key border. Third is a flannel quilt that is 4 1/2" blocks sewn together and hand quilted. (Did I say I love hand quilting, too?) It is an absolute favorite with a cream and blue ticking for a back-very 1930's looking!

The weight of these quilts is what I love and running my hand over the little seams and stitches. Maybe the electric blanket won't come out this year.

What is your favorite quilt to snuggle under???

Also-in answer to Nancy's comment on Christmas gifts. Santa does definitely come to my house. It's just that St. Nick doesn't. I think St. Nick is more of a Catholic thing than a Protestant one-at least that's what Mom always said!!! Stay warm!

Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nick???

St. Nick doesn't come to our house. He never seemed to make it when we were kids. But I was always curious about what the kids did get when he stopped at their house. I think the perfect St. Nick gifts for a quilter/stitcher would be little pin cases, spools of brightly colored threads, and all kinds of sewing notions. Hmmmm...perhaps I should be St. Nick to my sewing friends next year?

Slowly the Christmas/Holiday decorations are going up around me. Today I hung up a Christmas tree (red and white-of course!) wall-hanging in my office. It has 16 holiday motifs and makes me smile! Check out our web site for some great Christmas designs.

Jeanne has her tree half lit-she needs a longer extension. Our Christmas village is taking over our living room..time for a new neighborhood, perhaps??? How are your decorations this year?