Sunday, December 12, 2010


We are officially snowed in here in WI. The snowstorm that is hitting the entire MidWest has covered us with about 8 inches of snow and 25 mph winds. It is a true white out at times but we are all snug in the house. Everyone in my family has been accounted for-lots of folks are decorating trees this weekend, baking cookies, and generally snuggling in while it blows. Luckily, it's the weekend and everyone made it home from work safely or doesn't have to leave the house for a day or so.

I've done some reading, knitting, and spent an hour in my sewing room trying to find something. Sigh-I thought I was pretty organized but not yet. Maybe I should spend a little time down there before FOOTBALL????

The only regret for the weekend is the postponement of a Cookie Decorating Gathering at Jeanne's house this afternoon. She spent yesterday baking 20 dozen cookies-yes, she gets the prize for the most cookies. (I also heard she made a Strawberry Pie for us!) I, on the other hand, accepted the offer of a best friend to pick up a couple dozen pre-made cookies for me. What an offer!

Hope you are safe and sound this weekend, enjoying family and working on something crafty.

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