Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where can you embroidery?

One of the new patterns we are working on is a twist on crazy quilting. Instead of putting together different fabrics, we decided to throw together a bunch of upholstery fabrics and see what we could come up with. Of course, we had to add embroidery-just like the vintage crazy quilts we all love. This is a great way to use different fabrics and get a really rich vintage look easily. We're going to turn this into a pillow for Jeanne's couch. We'll keep you posted on our progress!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updated Apron Picture

I finally was able to get you a better picture of one of our new apron patterns. I hope you all like it. It almost makes me want to start baking...ok, maybe that's saying too much!!

We spent a wonderful long weekend with grandkids and family enjoying some nice weather here in Wisconsin. I also was able to finish, finally, a baby quilt for the new grand-daughter that is about to join our family. I will show a photo tomorrow-I forgot to upload it from my camera. Jeanne is working on completing patterns after dropping our "Care Quilt" off Saturday at the machine quilter. We are so excited to get it back at the end of this week. The pattern was a charm to put together-no pun intended-and we are sure you'll love the simple look with just a hint of embroidery to personalize it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Apron Pattern!

Jeanne just sent me a photo of one of our new Shirt aprons. In the true spirit of "re-purposing" this apron is made out of one of her husband's shirts. She took the whole thing apart and was smart enough to figure out how to put it back together as a shirt. We have 2 versions so far-this yellow one and a blue one. The placket becomes the waistband, the back and tailes become the body of the apron, sleeves become's wonderful!

We will be making this apron pattern available for sale on our web site at the end of the month.

Joined pincushion swap!

Since we have spent the last couple of months focused on pincushion patterns, it only seemed logical that I get signed up for a pincushion sway! Linda is doing all the organizing and babysitting and she got 50 signups before you could stick a pin into something! I am excited to be participating. Can't wait to get started on making mine...

The Care Quilt is almost done and ready to got to the machine quilter. Jeanne is working on the small embroidery designs and I have the back ready to be laid out for the basting. I think I may pick out some more fabrics for another one to work on this weekend. It truly only took about 2 1/2 hours to put it together so this long weekend should be perfect to get another one ready to go!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Full of love and hearts!

The "Care" Quilt is coming along nicely. Jeanne is working on the embroidery and we are continuing with our "make it quick and easy" theme! She has added fat hearts scattered across the blocks and little rosebuds that pick up one of the motifs in the fabric. I got a batting for it yesterday and should be at the basting point tonight or tomorrow.

We are also working on finishing up our new apron pattern. With everyone so focused on re-purposing things, we just had to dive in. Jeanne had the brilliant(if I do say so as her older sister!) idea of taking one of her husband's old shirts and cutting it up and turning it into an apron. Watch for a photo tomorrow-we finished the photo shoot yesterday and she is tweaking the pics as we speak. Throw in some rick rack, buttons, and whatever strikes your fancy and you have a great apron that really shows what creative minds can bring together out of your husband's side of the closet!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Care Quilt Design

Jeanne and I have been working hard this weekend on a new quilt design that we love. We are calling it our "Care Quilt". It is a quilt to give to a friend or family member who needs some tender loving care-whether during chemo, a stay in the hospital or just because. The design went together in about 2 1/2 hours-perfect for a weekend project.

Take a peek at the fabrics we chose-this group blend beautifully with the Karen Neuberger Quilt For a Cure fabrics. We love the wonderful hot pinks, vibrant greens and crisp white touches. Jeanne is going to start embroidering butterflies, flowers, and hearts next. I can't wait to see the next additions!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Traveling a bit

I am off to Connecticut this morning on a business trip. The most important question is not how are the planes going through LaGuardia but rather: what stitching project do I take with me in case I have a delay??? I have plenty of books to read (always necessary) but the stitching is vitally important. I think this morning I'll grab a bag of charm squares and focus on yo yo's. That is always good but in my carry on bag I'll also throw my bag of postage stamp 1 1/2" squares as well as an embroidery project to stitch on. Now I just have to pick out the floss quick before I head for the airport.

Jeanne is going to finish up our newest pattern--watch for a sneak peek this weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Working on new pattern

Jeanne has been focused lately on a new pattern. We aren't quite ready yet to reveal what it is all about but I had to write something about it-or, at least, what is inspiring it. I'm sure you've all been seeing the growing trend in the news to report on everyone's "Green" efforts. With Earth Day not too many weeks past, the interest in saving the world hasn't let up a bit.

We've been talking over coffee more about "re-purposing" than recycling. Not that we both don't recycle-there is a stack of cardboard boxes in my driveway today ready for the garbage men. But "re-purposing" has to be more fun and more fun means we'll look for more opportunities to stay engaged. We did a bit of "re-purposing" with our Pincushion Treats pattern. You might remember that the base of the pincushion is the re-purposed lid from a cream cheese container. It's just the perfect size!

Look around you and be on the alert for how you "re-purpose" things in your daily life. We'd love to hear what you're doing as we work though our new pattern. The only hint I'll give you is that the new pattern is for something you wear!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wool Felt Kit and Socks!

I received an email newsletter Wednesday from one of our favorite web sites showing all the wonderful colors of National Nonwoven's WoolFelt that were available to order. Take a peek here if you would like to see what Colonial Crafts is carrying. They are a great site to do on-line ordering from and have lots to offer all crafters. They have carried our patterns for quite a few years and have been great to work with. If you get hooked on our Pincushion Treats 2 pattern, they would have more colors available for you!

Just to make you giggle, take a peek at the pair of socks I made Jeanne! I love to knit socks and the new yarns out that make all the wonderful stripe patterns are so much fun. When I travel I can make a pair in a weekend. I've made so many my fingers know the pattern by heart.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wool Felt Pincushion KIt Available

Jeanne worked hard yesterday to mail out several orders BUT also to make our first kit available on the web site. We've decided to offer a kit to make the wool felt version of our Pincushion pattern! We'll supply everything except the lid for the base and the stuffing. Chose either the flower, heart, or star version and we'll get it out to you right away. We think this is a great pattern for anyone to do as it doesn't require any machine work and goes together easily in a very short time. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Go to Kits on our site and make your selection!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kits, Kits, and more kits!

So you're wondering what we are up to now???? Well, the coffee conversation this morning at Jeanne's was all about kits. We have thrown around this idea before but just haven't ever felt we had a pattern that just cried out to be made up in a kit. BUT now we think we do...we'll keep you guessing for a few days yet. So far, the conversation has been all about which version (hint, hint), where do we keep the supplies (I am afraid my sewing studio may win the vote!), and how many do we stock???

Get ready because we think you'll love this idea!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend in Iowa

I'm back from my quilt weekend in Ankeny Iowa and it's good to be home. But the visit was great-7 women, 2 boys, and one husband! On top of that we spent Saturday at Tulip Time in Pella-there were supposed to be 80,000 tulips and I think we may have seen every one. We visited a nice quilt shop and, of course, I had to buy some charm backs to make more yo yo's. I spent the time away working on a chenille/minkie fabric baby quilt for my new grand-daughter who is almost here.

I can't say that I really loved working with the fabrics-the chenille left little white fuzzies all over the house and the minkie fabric (while it felt divine) slipped all over while I was stitching it. Amy and Bonnie and Sheila suggested I use a slower foot speed and pin the living daylights out of it and that did help some. BUT in spite of the stress, the quilt top looks so cute in peach and cream.

Everyone had fun with their projects. Barb made a table runner from old napkins and worked on a tulip table decoration; Peggy made a wool felt flag table runner, Sheila knit on her first sock and a baby blanket; Bonnie stitched a wool table decoration; Therese did a great chickdee needle felt decorative wall-hanging; and I can't remember what Amy was doing besides helping everyone else. Good family, good friends, and stitching projects-can't beat that!

Take a look at the birthday party photo I just loaded. I'm in the middle and Jeannie is there to my left along with two of the best friends in the world (Jenny and Jane) and our little sister, Jo, (also a stitcher and weaver) and Mom-who was visiting from Virginia. Jo's daughter, Emily, also joined us and her oldest daughter, Molly, came later for cake! You can tell by the smiles that we were having fun.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Free Pattern and 3 New Patterns!

Check out our web site for the free May pattern of a collection of flowers. They are simple to do but will add some charm to any project. And take a peek at the 3 new patterns that we have on our site! Things-another version of our always popular Wizard of Oz designs is out of the great Quilting Treasures fabrics; Long May She Wave is a patriotic collection with Clover Yo Yo makers-easy to make with a charm pack; and last but not least, a woolfelt version of the Pincushion Treats-so simple but so much fun to make you'll have to make several!

I'm getting ready to take off tomorrow for another Iowa quilting excursion to my friend Amy's house. I'm never sure if I should just move my entire sewing studio there or really chose carefully. But tonight I can't decide what to take. I'll let you know about the selection tomorrow!