Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday morning at the Casino and Family Wedding!

Sitting in the lobby of the Oneida Casino while Dad tries to win thousands....or hundreds...or just not lose his stash!!!! Interesting watching people walk by. I have studied a bit of Spanish, worked on a sketch, and read a chapter in my current book. So time to catch up the blog next!

Big family wedding last weekend. My nephew, Brian, married his sweetheart. We are all thrilled to have Lauren an official member of the family. Seems like she has been part of us for a very long time already though. So this is just official. Best of all, was that my parents were able to join in the festivities. Mom danced at the wedding....surrounded by daughters, grand-daughters and friends. What a wonderful sight to see! And dad was crushed in hugs from the bride and groom. Truly a joy!!!

This week I have been on a sewing kick. Made myself two skirts and my niece one to wear when she watches her boys play baseball. The skirt for Liz is in Neenah Rocket Red!!!!! Can't beat a mom who wants to support her boys! Pics, hopefully, will follow.

But, for now, here is the wedding couple and their parents. My sister Jo, her husband Monny, and the new Mr. And Mrs. Brian and Lauren Hjerstedt. Happiness to all!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Two weeks later!

The notecard project has gone well. So far, I have used 8 of my art designs to make notecards. I think I am in love with each of them!  I delivered them to the shop and now need to decide where else to send them for other sales. Hmmmm..... is there a shop in your area that could use some adorable new cards?

I have also been using my favorite skirt pattern to add two skirts to my wardrobe. Can't beat the price of under $10 for a nice, light-weight skirt that is perfect for this heat. I like the pattern I am using and have sucessfully adapted it from a kind of swirly bottom to a more straight silhouette so I actually have two looks from one pattern. Man-patterns can be expensive!

Above are two of the original designs I created. and below are the final version for printing.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Notecard Project

It's kind of scary when you take something you created and decide to put it out for others to see-and consider buying. But I'm taking a first step into that scary world with some of my artwork. Because of a push from a wonderful shop owner in Appleton, WI-Cathy Stratton of Blue Moon Emporium-I am going to convert six of my sketches/watercolor paintings into note cards.

The process of working out the details has been interesting. I'm almost complete and will have cards to show for it by the end of this week.

This collage/ink/watercolor piece is going to be one of the cards. I love it and the bright colors always catch my eye. We'll see what the rest of the world thinks!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New projects

I've been working on perfecting my ability to crochet with wire since I took a class in Clearwater, Florida.  I enjoyed everything I discovered at Island Cove Bead Shop-bead selection, owners, gifts, and classes. What fun! I don't claim to have perfected this yet but I am sure having fun making bracelets.  I've experimented with three different sizes of wire gauge and think my favorite is 28 gauge.

So far I've been making three different versions of this bracelet-and I keep liking them all. At first I used  regular clasps for closure. But lately I've been using magnet closures and really like them. It's much easier to quickly put a bracelet on with the magnets when there isn't anyone else around.  And I like the combination of the intricacy of the crochet stitches with this slightly heavier closure.

I also like the look of adding a larger stone to the middle of the bracelet. I think this makes a stronger statement-I want to wear every one of these!!

I plan to check out Island Cove Bead Shop's classes again when I return to the Clearwater area next February. Great shop and great people. Check out their Facebook page for news and a peak at their projects and original enamel pieces. I LOVE them all!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday weekend wishes!

The humidity here in Wisconsin has left for a few days. All the windows are open in the house and the air conditioning is off. Lovely Friday!  The Relax stone above was a gift that makes me keep smiling. Relax-breathe-relax. Something we all need these days. Can't hardly open the paper, look at the tv or check in to the world without getting uptight about all the happenings around the world.

But taking it each day at a time-using knitting, crocheting, quilting, beading, drawing, painting, reading-whatever lowers your blood pressure a bit--is what we should all be doing.

For me it is a blend of Nature/Gardens/Flowers and my crafts. Right now I am in the beginning stages of a new quilt/bead embellished wall-hanging that shows my love of trees. I'll snap a few pics of it in progress so you can see where I am with it. Having handwork ready is something that relaxes me and quiets me. I hope you can find a few minutes this weekend to relax and reflect on your blessings. I know I'll be trying to do the same!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Garden Time

This summer is amazing. After the slow start everything around me is so green and growing.  I've actually spent quite a bit of time-in small daily patches-in the flower beds. Having a strong 16 year grandson to help with the heavy lifting has been great.

(It's interesting what you can talk about when you're side by side in a garden! Great way to stay in touch with the grandkids.)

I've also been making time to focus on daily sketches. Using a pen for the initial work, it's been good to study what is in front of me and get it down on paper. From that beginning I've been adding watercolor paints or using pencils for color. Simple sketches that help me capture the beauty in a single bloom or whatever catches my eye.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to the blog!

Hmmmm....where did the time go?  No excuses just will try to be back on some kind of a regular basis. Even weekly would be a miracle apparently!  I'm in love with retirement and the time it affords for reflection, exploring art and journaling, nature in a slower view, and-most of all-time with my family and friends.  It has taken the full year to believe that time is, finally, more on my side.

Sketching, watercolors, mixed media art pieces, and stitching-I love going from project to project.  And the summer is just beginning here so there is so much  ahead of me!
 Mixed media piece for a dear friend.
 Ink sketch with water colors-magnolia tree in front yard.
 Stitched and beaded art quilt expressing my love of the sea.
 Mixed media/stencils/ink/watercolors.
Ink and watercolor sketch.