Monday, July 22, 2013

Two weeks later!

The notecard project has gone well. So far, I have used 8 of my art designs to make notecards. I think I am in love with each of them!  I delivered them to the shop and now need to decide where else to send them for other sales. Hmmmm..... is there a shop in your area that could use some adorable new cards?

I have also been using my favorite skirt pattern to add two skirts to my wardrobe. Can't beat the price of under $10 for a nice, light-weight skirt that is perfect for this heat. I like the pattern I am using and have sucessfully adapted it from a kind of swirly bottom to a more straight silhouette so I actually have two looks from one pattern. Man-patterns can be expensive!

Above are two of the original designs I created. and below are the final version for printing.

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