Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where did February go?

2012-01-26 13:23:50 +0000 by janellcl
2012-01-26 13:23:50 +0000, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

So March starts tomorrow. I can't believe we are already two months gone in the year.

Nothing is worth more than Today.

I wonder if I felt this way about many of my days lately. I don't think so although that means admitting that I am letting my days go by pretty aimlessly. At least aimlessly in the sense that I let people and events control my day instead of me. So for March I think I will try to appreciate each day a bit more and try not to rush through the hours.

You know how it goes: hurry up to get ready for work; drive with purpose to work; get through the next meeting, the next task, the next call following someone else's schedule; try to get everything done that is on that schedule and then hurry home and start all over again.

Nothing is worth more than Today. I think I'll try to hold on to that thought.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pencils and markers and paints oh my!

2012-02-22 20:59:39 +0000 by janellcl
2012-02-22 20:59:39 +0000, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

I am heading out in two hours to join my sister in law and niece for an evening of stamping, stenciling, journaling, jewelry making fun at the area Archivers. What an adventure!

The list of everything I want to take with me-just in case- is way too long. AFter all I'll be at a great scrapbook/art supply store where I can probably find whatever my little heart desires. Wait until Monday when I share pictures of the evening and what we created!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wishing there were flowers blooming

DSC00799 by janellcl
DSC00799, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

Since the weather is so strange this winter I am spending quite a bit of time looking through my photos for flowers. This little sunflower was designed by Jeanne for our wall-hanging Autumn Harvest pattern. It's a great collection of country/harvest motifs that are surrounded by muted browns, blues, and rust fabrics. If I can't have flowers bloomin in my winter garden, I can at least pull out some floral quilts and decorate my rooms.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Braided bead, button and charm jewelry

2012-02-06 17:22:35 +0000 by janellcl
2012-02-06 17:22:35 +0000, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

My button box has never had so much attention. While looking through some photos on the net I found a charming (pun intended!) necklace made of beads and buttons. From there I jumped around until I stumbled upon easy instructions to make button and bead bracelets and necklaces.

This photo is of a button and waxed thread bracelet and a wrap bracelet of waxed thread, beads, and charms. I love them both. Quick to make and fun to wear. Get out your button box and see what is waiting for you there!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today at work we exchanged Valentine's. I made a sheet of paper with circles and hearts and used watercolors and ink to make a messy design. When it dried I used a heart cookie cutter to cut out enough hearts for my team, wrote their name in block letters on the back and distributed them.  But the best Valentine idea I have seen today is this:

Take a small jigsaw puzzle that has a great theme (Snow White and Prince Charming!), divide up the pieces so everyone you are giving a Valentine card to gets a few. Put the puzzle pieces in the card that might say "Working Together is a Sweet Treat" and place the puzzle box and a few pieces on a table in the center of the office. As each person opens their card they can add their puzzle pieces to the table and work together to complete the puzzle. Really sweet and our Snow White is almost finished!

Give someone you love a piece of your heart today. I bet it will be returned twice as big!

We love to design pillows and wall hangings based on vintage Valentines.  Our Valentine's Girl has been one of our most popular patterns for years.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Women of the family unite!

DSC01294 by janellcl
DSC01294, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

We had the "sprinkle" shower for our little newborn Ollie on Saturday. Yes, great auntie Janell DID finish the baby quilt. However, I neglected to take a picture of it. But I heard it is already at the hospital with Ollie! That makes me feel great.

There were 15 women of all ages gathered to celebrate the one month birthday of our newest family member. We had great treats (especially cupcakes decorated so cute!) including fantastic hot appetizers made by Great Auntie Mary, dips and chip, sausage/cheese/crackers and much more. Stories were shared and the laughter rolled up to the heavens with good thoughts for health and growth.

Anytime this many women unite good things can and will happen!

(Pictured here are some of the women of the family, from left to right-Heather, Lauren, Jo, Molly and Emily)!