Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today at work we exchanged Valentine's. I made a sheet of paper with circles and hearts and used watercolors and ink to make a messy design. When it dried I used a heart cookie cutter to cut out enough hearts for my team, wrote their name in block letters on the back and distributed them.  But the best Valentine idea I have seen today is this:

Take a small jigsaw puzzle that has a great theme (Snow White and Prince Charming!), divide up the pieces so everyone you are giving a Valentine card to gets a few. Put the puzzle pieces in the card that might say "Working Together is a Sweet Treat" and place the puzzle box and a few pieces on a table in the center of the office. As each person opens their card they can add their puzzle pieces to the table and work together to complete the puzzle. Really sweet and our Snow White is almost finished!

Give someone you love a piece of your heart today. I bet it will be returned twice as big!

We love to design pillows and wall hangings based on vintage Valentines.  Our Valentine's Girl has been one of our most popular patterns for years.

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