Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Atlanta Stitching

I've been able to continue to get the Christmas wall-hanging stitched while I'm traveling. I am a little over 1/2 done and like the look a lot. Only 4 more designs to stitch and then we need to figure out what embellishment stitches we should use or if we should go with rick rack or ribbon.

I am in love with the new wide rick racks that are available now. Not sure if Jeanne agrees with me on this fascination but, so far, she hasn't ripped them out of my little fingers. I saw a great jacket with wide rick rack used as trim down the front. It was made out of a sweatshirt and looked cozy and warm.

Last night I put the Christmas redwork down and tried out some Valdani thread. I love the muted autumn colors that I ordered. I decided to split the 3 threads down to 2 and see how that looked. I like it a lot but the thread really twisted up on itself. I'm not sure if I should split it or not. Anyone have any experience? Great feel to it...very smooth.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Off to Atlanta

About to drive to the airport for a 3 day visit to Atlanta for some work stuff. Big decision was what stitching to bring along. Jeanne made my mind up by saying 'Work on the new Christmas wall-hanging!" When she says things like that, big sisters just have to follow along. She has been drawing like crazy lately. I love the new designs we're working our way through. She stopped over yesterday afternoon and went through our stash for all the brights she could find. WOW-what a lot of wonderful in your face colors. Can't wait until I see what she puts together.

What is your favorite type of project to work on when sitting in airports or on long car trips? Share...I'll let you know how I do on mine!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Sophie Download Ready

Check out our web site to get the latest free download of Sophie's favorite things. This time it's my personal favorite...a coffee cup for a great coffee concoction. Easy and fast to stitch, this motif only takes about 2 hours-if that! Check back later today or tomorrow-we visited a wonderful quilt quild in our hometown and gave a presentation on Redwork. Jeanne took some pictures so as soon as I get them uploaded, I'll share.

We met some great ladies, shared stories about stitching traditional redwork, and had great goodies to eat. Who could ask for better???

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Redwork Design almost ready!

It's been a great morning. Got up early and put the binding on the new redwork design. So cute and I love the crisp red and white look. Of course, it's always been our favorite. Then, not to be left behind, I added some quick quilting to our other new design and put a binding on that. Tonight I'll finish them both and then Jeanne will turn them into patterns. Fun!

Here is a quick snapshot of part of the redwork design.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flowers are appearing at last!

I went out and inspected the garden beds this afternoon. What fun to start to see some blossoms. There are white daffodils blossoming that I forgot I planted last fall, as well as snowdrops and grape hyacinths. And the forsythia that my mom brought me from Virginia has some pale yellow flowers. I think this is the first time I actually have blossoms on it. Amazing when I think that we just stuck a couple of sticks in the ground and now there is a small bush several years later. What a treat!

Jeanne came over tonight and we tried to finish planning two new patterns. If all goes as planned, we might be posting about them within a few days. Check back...they're sweet!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Fools' Day Repeat!

Typical April in Wisconsin means that we get one more blast of snow. And, last night was the night. Last week we had wonderful Spring-like low 60's and now the grass is covered with snow. I know, I know, this too shall pass as it always does. But it's still a shock to open the curtains and see snow! Guess I'll wait on the open-toed shoes!

I was going through some old files last night and found a couple of patterns that need to be brushed off and shared. Jeanne and I will talk that over this morning and you may see something new on the site a bit sooner than we had planned.

Yesterday when I stopped for coffee, she had a new Sophie project sitting on the ironing board. Of course, I had to take a peek. That resulted in a good laugh when I undid what she had spent an hour laying out and we both agreed that it's impossible not to touch yo yo's or move them around. We're so BAD!!!

Hope this green frog brings us warmer weather FAST! April Fool's Day was last week.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Fabric

I am pretty excited about the new fabric that I just bought. This is a Michael Miller collection and I can't wait to start designing with it. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fabric!

When I left for 'work' this morning I had the washing machine full of the fat quarters I bought on my quilt weekend with Amy. Amy, Bonnie, and Sheila awarded me with the prize (a piece of red licorice) for spending the most money this weekend. But really, friends, who could blame me for helping the economy out a bit? Especially when I kept seeing the best, brightest, most fantabulous Spring colors all around me?

We visited 3 quilt shops and I spread the joy in each one. Don't call me a cheapskate...please! I fell in love with two Moda collections but it was the Michael Miller fabrics-which came in their own straw bag that will be perfect for Summer stitching projects-that kept me excited. Take a peek at the lovely selection shown in the picture to your right. Aren't they great??

We hope everyone has a good holiday weekend and that Spring is sharing it's fresh air with you, wherever your stitching takes you!