Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Atlanta Stitching

I've been able to continue to get the Christmas wall-hanging stitched while I'm traveling. I am a little over 1/2 done and like the look a lot. Only 4 more designs to stitch and then we need to figure out what embellishment stitches we should use or if we should go with rick rack or ribbon.

I am in love with the new wide rick racks that are available now. Not sure if Jeanne agrees with me on this fascination but, so far, she hasn't ripped them out of my little fingers. I saw a great jacket with wide rick rack used as trim down the front. It was made out of a sweatshirt and looked cozy and warm.

Last night I put the Christmas redwork down and tried out some Valdani thread. I love the muted autumn colors that I ordered. I decided to split the 3 threads down to 2 and see how that looked. I like it a lot but the thread really twisted up on itself. I'm not sure if I should split it or not. Anyone have any experience? Great feel to it...very smooth.

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