Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Fools' Day Repeat!

Typical April in Wisconsin means that we get one more blast of snow. And, last night was the night. Last week we had wonderful Spring-like low 60's and now the grass is covered with snow. I know, I know, this too shall pass as it always does. But it's still a shock to open the curtains and see snow! Guess I'll wait on the open-toed shoes!

I was going through some old files last night and found a couple of patterns that need to be brushed off and shared. Jeanne and I will talk that over this morning and you may see something new on the site a bit sooner than we had planned.

Yesterday when I stopped for coffee, she had a new Sophie project sitting on the ironing board. Of course, I had to take a peek. That resulted in a good laugh when I undid what she had spent an hour laying out and we both agreed that it's impossible not to touch yo yo's or move them around. We're so BAD!!!

Hope this green frog brings us warmer weather FAST! April Fool's Day was last week.


  1. Wow, I love the colors and fabrics you are using! Your floral designs are beautiful as well. I have a good appreciation for quilters since my grandma has been one and my aunt still revels in the hobby, herself.

    Check out my blog if you get a chance:

  2. Laura-thanks for commenting on the fabrics and designs. We love these fabrics-I think it's the paleness of the colors that made me fall for them. And Jeanne designed these flowers-aren't they sweet? I'm glad you come from a family of quilters. There's so much satisfaction in making OR receiving a hand-made project I think! Hope you come back and check on our work soon...or just hang out with us!