Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tree wall-hanging and Project Perfection

Christmas Tree wall-hanging by janellcl
Christmas Tree wall-hanging, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

Playing around with Christmas fabrics that were stuffed away for 'next year'. These are so happy and whimsical! Perfect for a little Christmas tree wall-hanging. I drew a simple tree outline on my fabric and free-motion stitched it with variegated thread and a fancy stitch. Then added strings of bead lights! The star isn't finished but it will by soon. Just in time to hang in the kitchen for Christmas Eve.

Sometimes I worry too much about the perfect design or perfect stitch. Because of that I don't always even start a project. Confident that I'll do something wrong or 'waste' the fabric. Lately I've been much more willing to just start and see where I end up. Nothing in my stash is really so precious that I need to worry about destroying it.

Do you have project perfection anxiety???? Let's make a New Year's resolution to just dare to start that new project!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cookies!

Christmas Cookies=2010 43 by janellcl
Christmas Cookies=2010 43, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

Jo-our baby sister-looks like she is concentrating on this cut out cookie. Even though getting ready for cookie decorating can be a pain-the end result of frosting and decorating with family and friends is wonderful.

Last year Jeanne hosted a cookie party at the Barn. Three tables were set up and the decorating began. Everyone who attended had fun as our fingers got stickier and our stories a bit wilder. What a good idea for a "girls night out" gathering.

This year Jeanne hosted an Open House and presented us each with 2 dozen unfrosted cookies-ready to decorate. Again, a great idea for girlfriends of all ages. What's your idea for sharing Christmas magic with your BFF's???

Monday, December 12, 2011

Packer Yarn!

Packer Yarn! by janellcl
Packer Yarn!, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.
Who knew there was Packer Yarn? Not me. While at Yarns By Design, in downtown Neenah, WI, I stumbled across this awesome yarn. It is hand-dyed by Lorna's Laces in a Shepherd Sock blend of Merino and Nylon--perfect, of course, for socks.

I had to get a skein and have started my pair of socks. Easy peasy simple pattern on multiple needles-knit during Sunday's game against the Raiders. Did I mention that the Packers are now 13-0? Hmmmm...must have slipped my mind.

Anyway, this is exciting and I can't wait to wear these socks. Perhaps during the post-season games?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Collage on canvas

Collage on canvas by janellcl
Collage on canvas, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.
I've been trying different things lately and the most recent is this collage on a prepared canvas. I used acrylics, India ink, scrap paper, fabric and glitter. I worked on it in three sessions-finishing up last night at 11:30.

Right now it is hanging in the kitchen. Jerry said he has to process the whole thing-but it is hanging there for all to see.

Can't wait to do the next!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Decorations going up!

Coaster designs 6 by janellcl
Coaster designs 6, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

Every year it's special to open and unwrap the Christmas decorations. Even if family circumstances have changed and there are new stresses in daily life, the memories associated with the little ornaments and decorations come flooding back-both happy and sad.

I remember that I bought this little shepherd/angel while on a business trip to Nashville. I was with a business associate visiting stores and found the display of Fontanini creches. We were both cranky because we thought we'd miss our flight because of bad weather in both Nashville and home in Wisconsin.

I had found the larger angel statue quite a few years back. When I saw this little angel holding the lamb I knew he had to join my display.

So every year I unwrap these two angels and remember shopping in Nashville, wanting to be home-not traveling on business, finding this little angel in a creche scene and knowing that he would fit into my home.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jo's Christmas Prayer Flag

IMG_0224.jpg by turtleboy2010
IMG_0224.jpg, a photo by turtleboy2010 on Flickr.

Thoughts on crafting

So there were 6 of us at Craft Night at my house Monday night. Seemed like everyone had fun-most telling was that they decided that 2 1/2 hours wasn't long enough! Next time the thought is for a full day-or most of a day. Something very casual. Set everything up, share tools and paper, etc. and, of course, have good snacks to nibble on!

That sounds perfect to me. I think we have a good set up at our house-but it could be at another's too.

Jeanne wondered via Facebook how much fun I had because I really didn't do anything myself. I was 'hostessing' and was trying to make sure everyone had what they needed (or wanted) to play with and was trying to share some new techniques I've recently picked up. And, you know, I did have fun. Even though I didn't have a beautiful prayer flag to hang for the season, or some gift tags or cards---it was fun helping and sharing.

And perhaps, most of all, it was fun watching the creative juices get stirred up and jump from head to head. At one point it looked like we could actually see the gears connecting in Mary L's brain-and the results were pretty amazing. And Jenny tried some stamping for the first time-and got nice results!

Sometimes it's about helping and watching more than actually doing. I had fun watching the sparks light up and friends who had not done these types of things get pretty excited about 'playing'. It WAS fun.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Craft night-Christmas ideas!

IMG_0229-Edit.jpg by turtleboy2010
IMG_0229-Edit.jpg, a photo by turtleboy2010 on Flickr.

A fun evening spent playing with glue, glitter, and stamps. Six of us spent the evening trying to decide what to do next. From prayer flags to tags to whatever you could think of-it was a fun and relaxing evening of good conversation and good friends. More photos to follow!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorations to kick off the season!

Dec. Wedding-Radisson 101 by janellcl
Dec. Wedding-Radisson 101, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

Who knew it was December already?

So who knew it was really December??? Not me-I've been in a fog I guess and, even though I celebrated Thanksgiving with family, just didn't focus on DECEMBER! But somehow I have been plugging along on some Christmas presents and some crafty type things that should help celebrate the season.

Tonight is a Craft Nite at my house-friends, family, good conversation and LOTS of glitter! What could possibly get me more in the mood? Oh wait...must have Christmas music ready to go.  I'll feature some pics of the results of tonight and promise to be better about blogging.

After all, Santa is watching me to make sure I am nice...not naughty!