Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thoughts on crafting

So there were 6 of us at Craft Night at my house Monday night. Seemed like everyone had fun-most telling was that they decided that 2 1/2 hours wasn't long enough! Next time the thought is for a full day-or most of a day. Something very casual. Set everything up, share tools and paper, etc. and, of course, have good snacks to nibble on!

That sounds perfect to me. I think we have a good set up at our house-but it could be at another's too.

Jeanne wondered via Facebook how much fun I had because I really didn't do anything myself. I was 'hostessing' and was trying to make sure everyone had what they needed (or wanted) to play with and was trying to share some new techniques I've recently picked up. And, you know, I did have fun. Even though I didn't have a beautiful prayer flag to hang for the season, or some gift tags or cards---it was fun helping and sharing.

And perhaps, most of all, it was fun watching the creative juices get stirred up and jump from head to head. At one point it looked like we could actually see the gears connecting in Mary L's brain-and the results were pretty amazing. And Jenny tried some stamping for the first time-and got nice results!

Sometimes it's about helping and watching more than actually doing. I had fun watching the sparks light up and friends who had not done these types of things get pretty excited about 'playing'. It WAS fun.

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