Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas patterns about to be updated!

Jeanne is hard at work getting a couple of new Christmas patterns posted in our shop.  Unfortunately, she is pulling out some hair as she works through some upload issues. I keep telling her to 'breathe...breathe...' but she isn't really listening. Frustrations at least make her keep drinking coffee as she mumbles bad words at the laptop!

We will let you know when the new pattern 12 Ornaments of Christmas is available for purchase. We love this pattern and had a great deal of fun designing it.

What are you working on for Christmas? We'd love to hear about your Christmas present plans.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bead Bracelet on Etsy

Bead Bracelet 2 by janellcl
Bead Bracelet 2, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.
We brought home a few beaded bracelets from Spain. (Being over-achievers, we made a couple extra!) After talking about what to do for Christmas presents (Emily, Molly, Liz, and Heather...yes, we're talking about yOU!) we decided to post a couple for sale in our Etsy Shop.

Take a peek over there if you'd like.

Monday, October 17, 2011

First free motion flower with beads

Here is the first attempt at free motion quilting. It was fun and I liked picking out the variegated thread and seeing what I could do. I have 2 more done so now need to figure out how to finish them. Jeanne suggested maybe a green frame for this one once I trim it up. Hmmm????

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another week but so much done!

Ok-so it's been a week since I looked at the blog. BUT-in that time we have done alot.

1.  I spent some of almost every day in my art journal trying to capture some of the memories of the Spain trip.
2.  I found some new sepia brush/pens and have been playing with shading. (Will share results soon!)
3.  Met with Jeanne and have a plan to get some finished bead cuff bracelets uploaded to our Etsy shop this weekend. We love these and have 5 to offer for sale now. More to come.
4.  Jeanne found a heart-stopping item to try to figure out how to make. Can't say more but did I ever tell you that we have our Great-grandma's button box???? Hmmm....what could you do with buttons???
5.  Went through the 653 pictures I took in Spain and made a folder of the buildings I love. Uploaded that to flickr.
6.  Need to now go back through the 653 pictures and pull out the 'people' ones and get those all uploaded.

Whew-I am a bit tired just thinking of all this.

7.  Last night I went down to the studio and actually started putzing around with some free-motion quilting while Jerry was watching the news. More on this very soon. I think I may be in love with something else!

What have YOU been up to?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Window magic

DSC01424 by janellcl
DSC01424, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

Everywhere we looked there were windows full of magic. Windows in my part of the midwest just don't look like these. The combination of ages old stones and wrought iron are so beyond vinyl siding and simple windows that just slide up to open. Most small balconies had some kind of plant or flower adding to the delight. And, of course, who can beat the light???

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Streets of Denia

DSC01390 by janellcl
DSC01390, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

We are BACK! Two glorious weeks in Denia-spent with family and new friends experiencing all that the Mediteranean Sea has to offer. There was some time spent crafting and shelling and just relaxing. We'll share the story of our trip with you via pictures of people and places we loved.