Friday, October 14, 2011

Another week but so much done!

Ok-so it's been a week since I looked at the blog. BUT-in that time we have done alot.

1.  I spent some of almost every day in my art journal trying to capture some of the memories of the Spain trip.
2.  I found some new sepia brush/pens and have been playing with shading. (Will share results soon!)
3.  Met with Jeanne and have a plan to get some finished bead cuff bracelets uploaded to our Etsy shop this weekend. We love these and have 5 to offer for sale now. More to come.
4.  Jeanne found a heart-stopping item to try to figure out how to make. Can't say more but did I ever tell you that we have our Great-grandma's button box???? Hmmm....what could you do with buttons???
5.  Went through the 653 pictures I took in Spain and made a folder of the buildings I love. Uploaded that to flickr.
6.  Need to now go back through the 653 pictures and pull out the 'people' ones and get those all uploaded.

Whew-I am a bit tired just thinking of all this.

7.  Last night I went down to the studio and actually started putzing around with some free-motion quilting while Jerry was watching the news. More on this very soon. I think I may be in love with something else!

What have YOU been up to?

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