Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thinking about Valentine's Day

Jeanne and I spent quite a bit of this week talking about Valentines. We're in love with vintage Valentines-you know the kind that you used to get at the dime store and give to every kid in your elementary school classes? We have quite a collection of Valentines from the 1920's-1950's. For a couple of summers we visited a lot of antique stores and seemed to always end up sitting on the floor going through boxes of old Valentines. The cute sayings and adorable art really caught our interest.

You can see some of the pillows that we've designed based on these old Valentines on our web site. I have six of our designs stitched to go into a full Valentine quilt but have a ways to go yet before it will be ready to share. I keep getting distracted by new projects.

Don't forget to look for the February/March Quilt Magazine! Our Valentine Girl is featured for you to make up into a quick pillow. It's a really nice magazine and we're thrilled to be part of it.

Right now I've got a pair of fingerless mitts that I'm knitting for my niece Tania, I'm trying to stitch a new version of our Angel Flowers design to see how it looks in color, and I have a stack of magazines by my chair that I should be peeking at. Oh well, today's a football day so I know I'll get some time to spent on it all. How about you? Are you working on Valentines or other projects???

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Great Finished Sophie Quilt!

We were so thrilled to see the finished Sophie quilt that Patty gave to her daughter for Christmas this year. Take a quick peek here at Patty's blog and see the other delightful projects that she has been busy with. We're always so excited to see how our friends are making our designs their very own. That's one of the best things about designing and quilts and stitching-you meet so many creative people who share our love of all things cute, whimsical, and FUN!

I've taken the liberty of sharing Patty's picture from her blog. Join me in enjoying this great version of Sophie!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Almost time to go HOME!

It's been a long week of business in Atlanta. I can finally say that a big pressure on me is over and I think life will settle down a bit now. How's that for optimism??? I haven't been doing any real stitching for the last week or so-just some fun knitting. We are kind of in between designs right now and I haven't felt like picking up any of my unfinished projects-although that's what I should be occupied with during this lull I suppose.

But I did get a pair of fingerless mittens knit for Jeanne-great to give her some warmth on her forearms but leave the fingers free. If you'd like the pattern, just let me know!

Next week we will be able to start to talk about our 2010 Sophie-just wait! You'll love where are girl is going next!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January progress

Hey-it was so cold when I went out to get the Sunday paper that I think my breath was frozen in clouds. But the sun was already up so that made me notice the glittery snow-just like diamonds. I didn't stand outside and admire it for too long!

We're just about ready to send off a magazine article to see what others think about the story of our Sophie BOM. We think our favorite girlfriend should get a broader fan-club so have decided to let her wings spread. We'll let you know where she ends up.

Jeanne is hard at work on the designs for the 2010 Sophie BOM. Should be ready to share with you soon. We think it will be a year of Sophie and Her Favorite Things...stay posted to see what makes that list.

And here is a sneak peek at one of the new creations that Jeanne has been working on. Don't you just love the choice of fabric for our Santa????