Sunday, January 10, 2010

January progress

Hey-it was so cold when I went out to get the Sunday paper that I think my breath was frozen in clouds. But the sun was already up so that made me notice the glittery snow-just like diamonds. I didn't stand outside and admire it for too long!

We're just about ready to send off a magazine article to see what others think about the story of our Sophie BOM. We think our favorite girlfriend should get a broader fan-club so have decided to let her wings spread. We'll let you know where she ends up.

Jeanne is hard at work on the designs for the 2010 Sophie BOM. Should be ready to share with you soon. We think it will be a year of Sophie and Her Favorite Things...stay posted to see what makes that list.

And here is a sneak peek at one of the new creations that Jeanne has been working on. Don't you just love the choice of fabric for our Santa????

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  1. I posted my completed Sophie on my blog. I hope I did you proud. I so enjoyed making this and looked forward to each and every month to print it out and get started. I would complete my block that night and then would feel anxious all month for the next installment, God forbid if you were late! Thanks so much for a great time. I put mine together just a bit differently from yours as I love stars and my daughter has it up in her RED room! She eyeballed it all year as I was making it and I just knew that if I didn'g give it to her she would steal it anyway. So take a peek. Patty