Friday, January 15, 2010

Almost time to go HOME!

It's been a long week of business in Atlanta. I can finally say that a big pressure on me is over and I think life will settle down a bit now. How's that for optimism??? I haven't been doing any real stitching for the last week or so-just some fun knitting. We are kind of in between designs right now and I haven't felt like picking up any of my unfinished projects-although that's what I should be occupied with during this lull I suppose.

But I did get a pair of fingerless mittens knit for Jeanne-great to give her some warmth on her forearms but leave the fingers free. If you'd like the pattern, just let me know!

Next week we will be able to start to talk about our 2010 Sophie-just wait! You'll love where are girl is going next!

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