Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and new magazine article

Happy New Year to all our quilting and stitching friends. We survived the holidays and are now looking to 2010 for some exciting adventures for Lasting Treasures. We hope you follow along with us and share the fun.

First up is our beloved Valentine Girl appearing in the February/March edition (#108) of Quilts magazine. This delightful valentine from the 1930's is ready to be made into a great pillow for your sweetheart or your own favorite chair. Check her out and enjoy making her-plus there are some other great patterns in this magazine.

Second is our new BOM for our girl Sophie. Mid January we'll be starting out again with another delightful look at live for our best girlfriend. We hope you'll join us then.

Third is the much anticipated year of SPAIN! Jeanne and I are planning a visit to her son, daughter-in-law, and new grandbaby Roco in fall. And, just to round out the fun our Mom has decided she'd like to join us. What a trip that will be! We'll keep you posted on the planning. (Now if our little sister Jo could go too it would be a full house!!)

We wish you and your family and friends have a joyous New Year. Get ready for new stitching adventures!

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