Sunday, May 2, 2010

New week?

Last week was long. I spent 3 days in Atlanta, finished writing 3 patterns, edited the last 5 chapters of my book, helped video a wedding, brain-stormed with Jeanne on 2 new patterns, and studied my Spanish. Oh yes, must not forget I finished knitting a pair of socks (I have them on tonight), and continued stitching a new Christmas redwork wall-hanging. I am tired. We accomplished a great deal.

Jeanne just sent me a sneak peek at the new pattern she has been working on. There will be 4 parts to it. It is an applique design and really turned out cute. She has been digging into my fabric stash and has made some wonderful fabric choices. I am very excited to see them tomorrow when I stop for coffee.

And, did I mention that 3 of our new 2010 patterns have been picked up by one of the biggest quilt pattern distributors? That was sweet.

I hope you had a good week but are not as pooped out as I am. Time for bed...


  1. Janell, I'm getting tired just reading all that you did last week. lol You rock!

  2. It's amazing what you can do if you keep your head down! Of course, then you look up and wonder "What have I been doing?"