Monday, May 17, 2010

Where do the new ideas come from?

So I've been stitching on the Christmas project. Jeanne is finishing getting printed instructions ready to pack up and mail out mid week. We have written the patterns, drawn the grids that tell where to place things, taken photos, gone to the printer and done all the usual promotional things to let people know we have new patterns. Next will be a mass mailing to previous customers and, hopefully, we will get some orders to fill. That is the life of a small design company.

And we love it. (At least most days!)

But then comes that early morning cup of coffee where we look at each other and ask "So what next?" Usually it's followed by a mad dash for the ideas folders we each have. It requires about two cups of coffee and maybe a bakery delight to get the creative juices flowing. First we talk about what we wanted to make last time but didn't. Then we talk about what we think is the next hottest thing. Then we decide if we love that next hottest thing. And-if the answer is a unanimous YES-we play around with that idea and try to make it ours. Because only then can we put a Lasting Treasure twist on an idea and make it feel just right for you.

What do you think the next "hottest" thing will be???? Anyone, anyone???


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