Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning how to do machine applique!

Jeanne is learning the art of applique on a new project. I stopped over for coffee yesterday and she had the sewing machine out, piles of little scraps of brightly colored fabrics sitting around, and more bobbins than I knew she had! She is working on the proto-types of a pattern that is inspired by something that her little grandson brought with him from Spain. It's funny to realize that other countries have different ideas about what makes a great toy for a little baby.

Besides the adorable ideas that Jeanne is developing, it's been fun to watch her discover machine applique. I don't personally like doing it too much. So I told her if she wanted to make what she was describing, she was the one who had to figure out how to make it all work. And so she did!

Pretty amazing for a little sister to take that kind of a challenge and rub her big sister's nose in it! All I've done is feed her fabric and say "I love this one...I like this idea...who knew this guy would be that cute?" It's been fun to watch her creative juices simmer and erupt with 4 adorable patterns! Now she just needs to write the patterns and our 3rd quarter designs are ready to offer to the world! Fun!