Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tickets to Spain

Tuesday was spent going back and forth with United as I tried to book the infamous trip to Spain. I finally achieved success at what we think is a good price. But it was hard and took talking to people. The best was when they wanted to charge us an extra $25 a ticket to have a person make the booking when THEIR web site had a problem. No-I don't think so. Thank you very much!

It takes 4 flights to make it to Valencia Spain. But that's ok because there is family, fun and adventure at the other end. Kind of like the pot of gold I think!

Now what project will I take with me on the long plane rides? And, since the adventure included Jeanne and our Mom, it really means 3 projects because there's no way they aren't going to want to stitch too. Hmmmmm...... we leave September 23 so there is plenty of time to plan.


  1. Hello Ladies,just found your blog, I think I will have to stitch Sophie,she is just too cute for words. Happy days.

  2. a trip to spain...awesome..i'm also flying to singapore next month..i got the tickets for a lower ticket to singapore was on sale, and going back was got during their promo,..but i havent planned my itineraries yet..oh no!
    - the bargain lady