Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to the blog!

Hmmmm....where did the time go?  No excuses just will try to be back on some kind of a regular basis. Even weekly would be a miracle apparently!  I'm in love with retirement and the time it affords for reflection, exploring art and journaling, nature in a slower view, and-most of all-time with my family and friends.  It has taken the full year to believe that time is, finally, more on my side.

Sketching, watercolors, mixed media art pieces, and stitching-I love going from project to project.  And the summer is just beginning here so there is so much  ahead of me!
 Mixed media piece for a dear friend.
 Ink sketch with water colors-magnolia tree in front yard.
 Stitched and beaded art quilt expressing my love of the sea.
 Mixed media/stencils/ink/watercolors.
Ink and watercolor sketch.

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