Friday, May 9, 2008

Wool Felt Kit and Socks!

I received an email newsletter Wednesday from one of our favorite web sites showing all the wonderful colors of National Nonwoven's WoolFelt that were available to order. Take a peek here if you would like to see what Colonial Crafts is carrying. They are a great site to do on-line ordering from and have lots to offer all crafters. They have carried our patterns for quite a few years and have been great to work with. If you get hooked on our Pincushion Treats 2 pattern, they would have more colors available for you!

Just to make you giggle, take a peek at the pair of socks I made Jeanne! I love to knit socks and the new yarns out that make all the wonderful stripe patterns are so much fun. When I travel I can make a pair in a weekend. I've made so many my fingers know the pattern by heart.

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