Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Got up this morning and the temperature was 11 degrees F! I was so grateful for the three quilts on my bed. Yes, three! I know I should probably get the electric blanket out but I just can't resist my quilts. And, when I use the electric blanket, I don't need that many quilts. But I love my quilts.

Right now I have a queen size postage stamp quilt on it as the main coverlet. This quilt represents my absolute passion to make postage stamp quilts. I have made 6 of them (yes, I can be a bit addicted). I hve kept 2 of them and gifted the others. They are favorites. This one has a log cabin diamond in the center-also made of postage stamps. Then I hand quilted it in cross-hatching. I love this quilt! Second is my log cabin Christmas quilt in bright reds and greens. (Did I say I also love log cabin blocks???) It is so bright that I just have to smile when I get it out. Very scrappy with a piano key border. Third is a flannel quilt that is 4 1/2" blocks sewn together and hand quilted. (Did I say I love hand quilting, too?) It is an absolute favorite with a cream and blue ticking for a back-very 1930's looking!

The weight of these quilts is what I love and running my hand over the little seams and stitches. Maybe the electric blanket won't come out this year.

What is your favorite quilt to snuggle under???

Also-in answer to Nancy's comment on Christmas gifts. Santa does definitely come to my house. It's just that St. Nick doesn't. I think St. Nick is more of a Catholic thing than a Protestant one-at least that's what Mom always said!!! Stay warm!

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  1. oh good.... I guess St Nick doesn't come here Just Santa...

    doesn't St Nick come on Dec 6 and add stuff to shoes...or am I completely off base here.. which wouldn't be the first time..