Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Treats

I've had a glorious 4 days off getting ready for the holidays. We had a big Christmas decorating party at Jeanne's, complete with appetizers and sparkling punch to sip. I must admit that my cookies won't win any decorating prizes (I belong to the "pile on the frosting and pour on the sprinkles" school) but they sure are good! I think there are only 2 left...out of 2 dozen.

My knitting needles are still clicking away as I have about 3 inches left on the second sock for my grand-daughter. The yarn is delightful-a hot pink, turq, and neon green blend that she will love. (I hope!) Today I made the obligatory trip down the toy aisles at Wal-Mart. Man, I didn't know there were that many pepto-bismol pink toys being manufactured in the world.

But I'm sharing a picture of the Christmas treat that our Mom made. She found old glasses all year at various locations, polished them up, and filled each one with a delightful Cranberry Jello Salad. She'll be handing them out to her neighbors this week with Christmas greetings.

Don't they look great? Wish I could have one delivered this Friday-just in time for Santa.

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