Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mixed Media Collage

2011-08-02 17:38:27 +0000 by janellcl
2011-08-02 17:38:27 +0000, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.

Over the weekend I spent some time working on prayer flags again. But this time I used some copies of old family photos! The three kids are me (blondie!), our oldest brother, and Jeanne. I think this was about 1960...aren't we sweet?

I made the flag out of old muslin-not really good for quilting or hand-stitching. It is very rough. I didn't wash it or anything-just measured out a 6" X 10" piece, folded over aboout 1 1/2" and pressed that down. Then I pulled out a couple of my favorite stamps about photography, inked the paper photo and used Mod Podge to paste it down. (I covered the photo to make sure it was a little sturdier.) Then I dug into my selvedges and picked out two to stitch down. Finished by hemming the top so I could thread twine through it and it was ready to hang! Nothing is hemmed or finished-just raw edges. (That is HARD for me to do!!!)

What a fun way to use up left over items, my sewing machine, and some stamps, glue, whatever. Give it a try!

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