Friday, November 4, 2011

Blues beaded bracelets

blues beaded bracelets by janellcl
blues beaded bracelets, a photo by janellcl on Flickr.
While we wait to get our Christmas things uploaded, I thought I'd share more of the delightful beaded cuff bracelents we've been working on. I took a selection of beads and 4 new bracelets along with me on a business trip this week. It was fun sitting in the hotel room at night stringing beads and thinking about who might end up wearing each bracelet.

Jeanne has been keeping her eyes open when she stops in thrift stores for old brooches and buckles to use for embellishment. Don't you just love the blue sparkley brooch we used for the middle bracelet here?

All three of these bracelets are made from an old quilt. The quilt was in terrible shape but we salvaged as many pieces as we could. Some we left the original batting in tact but on a few we had to remove it as it was just too lumpy to lay smoothly when worn. I am sure the quilter would be amazed to see where her beloved quilt ended up!

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