Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday-back at work

Well, we survived the Playoffs and the Green Bay Packers are going to play for the NFC championship at home at Lambeau! How great is that??? During the Packer game I couldn't stitch at all but during the Cowboy's/Giants I was able to make yo yo's without stabbing myself or sewing anything to my pants leg. Guess that is a good thing! I'm sure I won't be able to do anything again on Sunday when the Packers play the Giants!

Jeanne and I have spent the last week reading up on all kinds of things-like the history of aprons, how to make a flag wave in a 3-D way, and how many kinds of pre-made ruffles there are in the market. If you read that sentence slowly, you might be able to figure out what some of the projects are that we are working on!

Yo Yo's are my favorite thing lately-and red/white/blue are some of my favorite colors. Ok-that is a really big hint. Look for a close-up photo tomorrow or Wednesday.


  1. So you're a Packers fan, huh? Bret looked great on Saturday despite the snow. I think they will beat the Giants, but I don't think they'll beat the Patriots.

    Would you like to place a bet on the Super Bowl?

  2. I'd LOVE to make a bet on the Super Bowl. Let's think about what it should be-soemthing to do with stitching, maybe???? I am so excited for the game on Sunday night. My husband and I are going to be flying to Orlando Sunday afternoon for a conference and we thought we might miss the game. BUT, we should be able to almost see the whole thing as long as our flight is kind of on time. I am working with Jeanne to see what stitching projects I should take with me-and I will have my laptop so will be able to blog while I am gone for a week.

    Let me know what you think our bet should me??? A fat quarter of red/white fabric? something to do with yo yo's??? hmmmm...I'll keep thinking.