Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wizard Fabric and Toto

We spent the weekend up to our ears in Wizard Fabric! Look next door here to see a quick photo of the ToTo Too! design that we have done with some of the great Quilting Treasures fabric from their new Under the Rainbow line of Wizard of Oz fabric. It was so much fun to use this great fabric-the basket fabric has images of Toto from the movie. We just love it. I have also shared a picture of the bright fabric that we will be using to design from Over the Rainbow-the second line of Wizard fabric that was introduced at the October 2007 International Quilt Market. It is so wonderful-we are just full of ideas.

Jeanne is also about finished with a great new pattern for an old-fashioned pin cushion and scissors keeper. By the end of the week we should have more photos to share!

Busy fingers....

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  1. I can not get to your web site for the free pattern Janie