Monday, June 30, 2008

End of June-where did it go??

I can't believe June ends today. What happened to it??? We will be posting our free July redwork pattern on our web site tomorrow. Be sure to check over there and take advantage of it. We are going back and forth between embroidery patterns and variations of our Care Quilt. It's hard to work on a full size quilt during summer-just too hot I think--but we're trying!

It's been great to have my sewing machine back. I stitched up the front of a new bag and am busy working on embellishments now. I was having some real problems with it but over coffee this morning, Jeanne helped me think more clearly! I was thinking too much about the whole front of the bag-she suggested that I just break it down and focus on one block at a time. Just hearing that made me feel more free to let my imagination flow. We'll see what I get done tonight.

Take a peek at the beatiful photo I added of some pink and white lillies I spied at the Paine Art Musuem and Gardens yesterday. It was a gorgeous, slightly overcast day for walking through gardens and snapping pictures. What fun and how inspiring!

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