Monday, June 9, 2008


Did I mention that the baby quilt was finished exactly 3 days before Julia arrived??? I must say that it wasn't as much fun to make as other baby quilts have been. I think it was the combination of too many different fabrics. It wasn't fun to machine sew-the chenille, minkee, and cotton just did NOT get along. I love the look of it (picture to follow when I get it downloaded) and the feel is wonderful for a child. BUT it sure wasn't much fun to stitch. And there was just no way I was going to be able to hand quilt it all over so I just did some big x's in the cotton squares.

Jeanne and I survived the rainstorms that covered our part of Wisconsin all weekend. I can't swear that we aren't a bit moldy around the edges but the beautiful greens that have resultd from the rain are something to see. And both of us have lots of irises blooming-all golden and blue with a few spots of apricot thrown in for good measure. The mounds of dianthus in my favorite flower bed are a wonderful shot of hot pink. Now if it will just stop raining so I can go out and pick some flowers, it would be perfect!