Thursday, September 4, 2008

Buttons, buttons, whose got the buttons?

We have been going back and forth trying to figure out what buttons to put on our latest Care Quilt. We stitched butterflies and hearts on 9 squares and it was easy to put buttons on the body of the butterflies. But we are not sure what to do on the hearts. Jeanne found some great little bitty white buttons and we think we are going to spread them out in each heart. I started putting the back together last night. We hope to get this to the machine quilter on Saturday. Then on to the next new design!

And school has begun here in Wisconsin. Jeanne's twin 5 year old grandsons are now in all-day kindergarten. So far I haven't heard any bad news about that. And my little 4 year old grandson, Winston, started pre-school yesterday. Where did those years go??? Chase, 12, is now in middle school and Bree, 10, is now in 4th grade. We had a wonderful 3 day weekend with great weather and lots of family and friends relaxing together. What fun!

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