Monday, October 27, 2008


Just because we feel like it (and are working on yo yo's AGAIN!), we are offering to add an extra-large yo yo maker to every order that is placed with us through November. Please take a quick look at our web site for more details. We'll be giving more details here soon about a give-away we are planning of 12 fat quarters. You'll love them all!

We've been thinking a lot about the Stock Market scare that is so all-consuming for all of us. And when we get a little anxious, it's time to start stitching-and what better way to stitch than to spend time making yo yo's???? But, since we don't think all our stitching buddies have a yo yo maker (and may be saving pennies for Christmas gifts!), we decided to share what we have. Just go to our site and place an order for a pattern-we'll toss in the Extra-Large Yo Yo Maker for you to play with while watching the news!

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