Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moving into Fall

We've both been hard at work with our stitchin' and moving our houses into Fall. Jeanne is more into reflecting the change of seasons at The Barn than I am in our little ranch. While our place is nice and cozy amongst the apple and pear trees that cover one side of our property, Jeanne has the perfect place to show the change of the seasons. With a pond that is full of cattails, muskrats, and lots of geese, The Barn usually looks a lot like a nature park! These chickens have come to roost in Jeanne's kitchen until Santa makes his arrival around Thanksgiving.

As for the stitchin', we're trying to make the mental move in to Spring fabrics and Easter ideas even though we aren't yet past Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it's kind of like having a triple split personality-what season are we really in??? But, I guess, one way of thinking about it is that we are able to enjoy ALL seasons at ALL times. What a life!

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  1. Hi Janell
    I saw your favourite book comment on Leanne's house & thought I'd pop over to your blog. I love the Outlander series too (hence the picture in my avatar!).
    Janelle (with an e on the end) xx