Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Barbie Tree???

What do you think about this great tree that is in Jeanne's front yard???? I have a brown/gold version (called a Smokebush-I think) but leave it to Jeanne to have a "Barbie Tree"!!! I think it's beautiful as it shifts colors to this great pink shade. Very appropriate for a woman who has her very own version of the Barbie Game!!! She really knows how to have fun.

I've been stitching up Sophie and the shopping bags and have a great idea to share next for a simple pillow using mitered corners to show off some great stripes. Stay tuned. The colored floss version of Sophie #7 will go up this weekend to give you some other ideas.

Jeanne is hard at work finishing up a new/original tablecloth idea that we hope to present at the end of July. Keep watching-I think you'll like it!

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