Friday, July 10, 2009

Sophie #7 Pillow

I had so much fun making up this pillow with the first version of our Sophie #7. I found this great striped fabric in a fat quarter and HAD to have it. When I was driving home my mind just kept coming back to mitered corners and a red frame for Sophie-perfect, don't you think? Let me know what you're doing with your Sophie's-I know it's hard not to keep thinking about the complete wall-hanging but, honestly, don't you love this pillow all by itself???

The colored floss version of Sophie #7 will be posted this weekend-keep an eye out for her-she's awesome!


  1. I'm glad you love the pillow Ina. I am trying to finish up a couple of other uses for Sophie that I think are kind of cute....I may be ready for another unveiling next week. The weekend may be full of stitching time if the heat continues here in Wisconsin-I may sit in the house and enjoy the air conditioning!