Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am all tucked into my hotel room in CT after a smooth flight. I stitched Sophie on the plane and met a very nice lady from AL who is kind of into embroidery. It was fun to talk with her and it's always nice when stitching helps you make a new friend. I flew into LaGuardia Airport tonight and have to say that I just love flying in at night. Seeing all the streets of Manhattan lined up so straight, red lights going one way, white lights going the other and the Empire State Building and the Chysler buildings all lit up is so great.

I'm thinking we may need to ponder the idea of Sophie on Vacation for our BOM for 2010. Just think-we could do 4 blocks again with a special vacation spot in each one. And then the little designs could be related to that if we did a cruise block you could have all kinds of sun/fun motifs; if it was a NYC you could have Sophie seeing the sights; hmmmm.... what do you think?????

Jeanne is home finishing up a photo shoot. Can't wait to see what she comes up with for our first knitting project. It's a real cute idea and we've had fun working on it together. Different for us but still fun! Almost time to share it with you all!