Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend again

Time to re-organize my projects and see what needs to be done this weekend vs over the Thanksgiving long 4-days.

1. The Sophie pattern needs to be proofed before Jeanne can post it Dec. 1st.
2. The magazine article about Sophie needs to be finished.
3. The surprise knit project needs to be written so it can be submitted to a magazine.
4. A pair of socks needs to be finished as a Christmas present
5. A Christmas stocking needs to be designed and finished for Jerry for Christmas Eve.
6. The Rooster table runner needs to be laid out.
7. The Kitty pillow needs to be finished.
8 The new tablecloth and dish towels needs to be thought through again and then written.

Hmmm...seems like Jeanne and I will be busy!

Be sure to check out our Perfect Christmas Gift Idea on our site. We think it is the perfect gift for a stitching friend (or maybe Santa should bring it to you??)!

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