Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jeanne's Birthday!

Coffee, warm biscuits fresh from the oven and miniature red roses! I hope Jeanne enjoyed the start to her day. We'll continue the festivities with a night of great appetizers and conversation. Checking schedules is sometimes a bit difficult but it's worth it when the date is set.

We are seeing some great interest in our new Spring patterns. Flip over to our web site and see the new designs. It's been fun to get these out in the marketplace.

I'm looking for new beads and sparkles for a version of Bree's Beads. I think I'll have to hit Hobby Lobby this weekend and see what they have. What's on your weekend schedule???? Maybe a Farmer's Market or browsing an antique store?

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  1. Happy Birthday Jeanne! Have a festive day. Love and hugs.