Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Sophie Ready to Go!

Our newest Sophie Redwork block will be ready to download from our website over the weekend. Jeanne has out-done herself with this one. What a riot Sophie is doing and enjoying all of her favorite things this year.

We've been busy with Christmas designs, gardening, and playing with our grandkids-sounds like the perfect summer, doesn't it?

Watch for exciting news next week about our Etsy shop. Time to make room for some new patterns and to shift around the project demos. That means there might be some fun hand-stitched items for you to add to your personal collection. (And we can start making MORE!)


  1. Connie Deblette, KapuskasingAugust 5, 2010 at 2:28 PM

    Oh GOOD! I have missed Sophie! I have been visiting each month since...? and feared she had gone by the wayside in the business of Life and all. I Am looking forward to seeing her again!
    ~Connie, Kapuskasing, N.Ontario, Canada

  2. Connie! Jeanne just posted the new Sophie on the web site? Thanks for waiting so patiently!

  3. Hey! Block #4 looks just like a really young n cute me when I put on the boogie music and dance like no one is looking!!! (and if some one is, they'd be on the run real quick!)
    Printed out and ready for the cool weather to come by! ~ThanksALot, Connie

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