Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bree and Grandma NYEve

Bree and Grandma NYEve
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So far we have had three great sleepovers with our two oldest grandkids. All three times I have been able to put together a craft project for Bree and Grandma to do. We've made great coasters, worked on our first jewelry project, and created Valentine's. I think all three were successful. We had interesting conversation along the way and I got to enjoy the way Bree's creativity came through in all three projects.

Part of the fun of this kind of event is that feeling of sharing my love of crafts with her. It's not necessarily the success of the project that I enjoy as much as the willingness to try something new. Of course, having something to give to her mom or a friend is a great bonus! What types of projects keep your kids/grandkids busy? I've got more sleepovers to plan for so I need some more ideas!

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