Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Camera

How about the photo of the pink flowers to the right of this column? Bruce found a new camera (Sony Cybershot) that has a macro-focus feature that allows him to get great close-ups. As you can see from the photo, it's awesome. Jeanne and I have been struggling for some time trying to get really great photos to use for our pattern covers. While we may still have some problems with large quilts, this new camera feature may help with photos of smaller items. Now to convince Bruce that he should be our new photo-taker!!! (Please, please, please Bruce???)

Jeanne is taking a few days of well-deserved vacation while she has company from Spain. She and her family (including her son and DIL from Spain!) are enjoying our wonderful summer weather at a family cottage about an hour away from home. I don't think she took ANY stitching with her-that's a true vacation! I'm watching for the mail every day while she is gone. We expect lots of new fabric to be showing up as we are starting to work on new designs for Fall Market.

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