Sunday, July 13, 2008

Windows of New York

I am attaching a couple of photos that I took while in NYC. The first is the window of Patchwork Soho. I visited there and found some great trims and fabrics. The second is a window model that I just love-I saw her and stopped in my tracks! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Dear Janell,
    THANK YOU sooo much for that lovely pincushion and the beautiful patterns that you sent to me ! It's absolutely adorable and I'm thrilled beyond words ! The fabric you used for the pincushion is so fresh and beautiful, I just LOVE it and I'll proudly use it with great pleasure!
    Swap mail is sooo funny, isn't it ? and Linda organized it so well... I was wondering who was my secret partner, and when the mailman brought your package to me I was so excited !
    I'll soon post a picture on my blog, and will also use your patterns soon... :>) (I think I'll start with the caterpillar for my grandson).

    I'm wishing you a happy sewing, of course I'll add your blog to my list now !

    VERY gratefully,
    (Had to use your blog to thank you, as I couldn't find your email address).