Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Pdf or not to PDF???

We have inadvertently caused some confusion with Sophie #2 today. Sorry for the confusion ladies-looks like we upload Sophie #2 as a jpeg file instead of as a PDF file. This is making it impossible to easily get Sophie to print. Some folks are not having this problem but others are. Jeanne has emailed our web support and we think it should be re-uploaded tomorrow as a PDF. Sorry-sorry-sorry.

We have now put big signs up in our studio that say-Only post PDF! I don't even know what PDF stands for....pretty dandy floss? pure delightful fun? who knows but a PDF seems to make for easier printing. We appreciate your patience. We thought we had it for February but we think March should be perfect now...wait a minute???? Maybe we should design a wall-hanging that is full of computer/web/printer images???? Oh no-that would be just too frustrating for us.


  1. PDF - Printable Document Format

    Just in case you need to