Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter returns

We are waiting for a snowstorm to hit tonight. According to the weatherman, we could get 4-6 inches starting with freezing rain. Doesn't that sound lovely??? I was pretty excited to have most of our 2 feet of snow melt during the nice winter thaw we had 2 weeks ago. But the reality is that we probably have 2 more months of winter.

While the design work continues for us, Jeanne and I are hard at it getting ready for Quilt Festival in Chicago mid-April. This weekend we decided what new patterns to bring with us and started to go through some older patterns that we are considering discontinued. We are also trying to figure out what we should prepare as kits to bring along. So far we have definitely decided to kit up Pincushion Treats and several of our Yo Yo patterns.

We hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful!

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