Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It looks like Halloween out my window today. The wind is howling, the trees have no leaves, and the sky is grey and full of low clouds. We've got 4 days yet to see Trick or Treaters walking down the sidewalks with candy bags full.

Unfortunately, with the cold Fall weather that we have been experiencing lately, come bad colds. Jeanne has been suffering for over a week. Now our little sister, Jo, has a cold and Jeanne's husband is the next to succumb. I am trying to stay clear and have all my fingers crossed that I am sucessful.

But, in the meantime, the stitching continues with lots of phone calls and emails flying back and forth. PLUS-my cleaning of the sewing room continues. Jeanne has taken one load of fabric to the sewing ladies at her church to make charity quilts. It felt good to share some of the fabric that was just sitting on our shelves. Yes, it is VERY hard to pass fabric on. (I bet you know what I mean!) But, really. Do I absolutely need fabric that I bought 5-10 years ago and have just let sit on the shelf??? Ok...maybe not.

I have two more shelves to clean this weekend. Then it's on to the yarn!

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