Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Time with Quilts!

The Fourth of July weekend always makes me feel like summer is going too fast. But this year we've had so much cold and rain that it's only just beginning! We are planning sleepovers with the grandkids, walks through area Farmer's Markets, and time spent just hanging out. Perfect!!!

Lately I've been seeing some great pictures from my family of our grandkids. Besides the great looking kids (not too biased, am I?), I've been seeing some of my quilts in use. I don't think anyone knows how that makes me feel. Each of the quilts I have gifted to my family was made specifically for the person it went to. Every quilt was hand stitched with thoughts of that person and hopes for their future. Whether they were wedding quilts or new baby quilts-they were stitched with love. To see them in use shows me the love continues.

How do you wrap your family and special friends in love? We have designed a lovely, simple quilt called Care Quilt that is perfect for fast assembly for a special person. You can see it here.

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