Sunday, May 17, 2009

New design

The weekend went by really fast. Yesterday I went to the Flower/Plant sale I talked about earlier and got some real treasures. Today I was able to get almost all planted with some help from the digger guy that lives with me! I'm not the world's best digger in gardens-especially when the dirt is packed in pretty hard. But Bruce helped and everything but one hosta is in.

Most important is that the concrete statue I fell in love with is also in place. I'll take a picture tomorrow and share it this week.

Jeanne stopped over this morning and we spent some time talking about her new design idea. It's going to be fun to pull it together. I'm going to trace it tonight on some dark brown linen and see how it stitches up. I have a long drive tomorrow to Minneapolis so should be able to get a good start on it. We come back on Tuesday so I could have something to show Jeanne when I get back.

She is going to have a group of friends over Tuesday night so talk about making jewelry and what you can do with beads. Hmmmm....can we make it back by the time the party starts??? Hope so! I hope your week goes well.

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